Whanau Resource Centre are Agents for Skinny Jump Modems

You can find out more about Skinny Modems here: https://steppingup.nz/programmes/get-jump/
During Covid 19 Level 3 lockdown we will be able to provide a contactless pick up for a Skinny modem. There are some important things to note:
  1. First please check to see if Skinny will work at your address. See button below
  2. You must complete the "I Want a Skinny Modem" form below
  3. If you have now, or have had in the past, an account with Skinny you will need to create a new email address, as Skinny does not allow a second account on one email. But don't worry we can help you with this
  4. You MUST have data on your phone (or access to internet) so that you are able to verify the account set up which is sent to your email
  5. We will phone you once you complete the form, and arrangne a suitable time for you to collect the modem (in a safe contactless way)

How to Get a Skinny Modem

Please click the button to complete the form to get Skinny Modem:

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